Golden South Sea Pearls

Pearls from the Philippines

The Philippines is an island country with 7107 islands, so it goes without saying that there must be some peoples to be found there. Sure enough there are plenty of pearls in The Philippines. The world’s largest pearl, the pearl of allah was discovered in here.

The warm waters of the Philippines is perfect for growing glowing golden south sea pearls.

Golden South Sea Pearls

Prized by women around the world, the golden beauty of the South Sea pearl is unrivalled by any other pearl. Forget about white pearls when you can go for something so strong and evocative as a strand of golden south sea pearls. Although they look best on darker skin tone women, they can also be worn by women with light color skin.

No pearl loving women should be without a strand of golden pearls. However, they are not cheap. They can run anywhere from around $1000 for a strand of baroque size 11mm, up to $6000 for a round strand of 13mm. When you start going about 15mm with golden south sea pearls the price increases insanely. A baroque strand of golden south sea pearls 15mm can run $10,000. While a round strand of 15mm-18mm round golden south sea pearls can be $50,000. The reason the price is so high is it can take several years and harvests to match a necklace with big size pearls and similar tones. But when you see one, it is simply stunning.